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For sale.. Girls clothes - New babies! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
New babies!

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For sale.. Girls clothes [Apr. 25th, 2007|03:45 pm]
New babies!


newborn - 9 months both summer and winter

Pink stockings w/ white ruffled butt
Shoes *i have the pairs to each of these*

The green, red and white w/ flowers are underpanties; The red and pink plaid skirt; yellow shorts;

My favorite Pink hoodie.. it's Tommy Hil... however you spell it i loved the long part on the hat <3
Pretty Pink OshKosh long sleeves *we have a reversable sunhat someplace that matches*
Pretty pink jacket
Onesies: Poohbear, the white one has bunnies or something.. it's faded and *yes a bit stained.. it just looks faded really*, Pink w/ bunny and cat, eeyore
Tweetie bird Swimsuit
Pretty yellow summer dress

Summer onesies w/ skirts

Pretty navy and white summer dress w/ panties

Summer/Spring onepiece short-type outfits

Skort and shirt set

Pretty cherry and flowers dress.. it's green and blue

2 pair of pants



if this isnt allowed please feel free to delete it *and accept my appologies*
x posted all over