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Thank you for all your help... - New babies! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
New babies!

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Thank you for all your help... [Jul. 5th, 2006|06:28 pm]
New babies!


Yesterday the bump-ish thing went away quite early.. and now all that remains of her attack with the floor is a small (smaller than a pencil eraser) bruise on her earlobe..

I called the dr.s office and our ped. is out of town this week.. (the office was closed yesterday).. so i called the ped. on call and he said that she's probably fine and not to worry.. unless somethign changes..

Now.. onto the food debate...

The carrots were baby food, beachnut i believe (they're organic)..

and ALL the ingredients in the popsicles are fruit based.. (there is SOME added sugar, but it's not a very frequent thing.. and she really just mushes it and doesnt eat much)...

as for the cold, she LOVES cold stuff, and is cutting her second tooth (at 5 months)...

yesterday at dinner she sucked on the cellery that they brought us.. it's so hard b/c TONS of people dont think that she should be having anything but boob.. (still her primary sourse of everything).. but she grabs for food and plates, and she stares longingly at people when they eat.. her "real" food has begun with veggies (sweet potatoes(sometimes mashed from my plate), squash, carrots, and peas.. all baby food)...

There is a really awesome contraption that's like a little mesh baggy w/ a handle on it.. that keeps kids from getting pieces big enough to choke on.. it's WICKED cool.. and it's good for their gums..

So, i want to thank everyone for their help,