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Just frustrated, tired ranting - New babies! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
New babies!

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Just frustrated, tired ranting [Jul. 7th, 2006|09:39 pm]
New babies!


First an appology to everyone.. i'm putting most of this behind cuts b/c it's just me being tired and frustrated.. i do have a baby question under "the girl" and a man question under "the boy", and for those of you who just want to answer the questions w/out reading the rant i will bold and underline the questions... Sorry for the rant!!

 is still being finnished/worked on (it's still in pieces at my sewing machine.. hopefully i will be able to finnish the rest of the straps today and POSSIBLY have them secured...

On top of trying to work on the slings, my sister in law is coming today (she's going to a wedding tomorrow) so her bedroom (which we have all been sleeping in b/c we moved mina's "big girl bed" and dont trust the cat) needs to be cleaned and all the bedding and everything washed, and all our books, notebooks etc. have had to be moved back across the hall to our room... i know this doesnt sound like much.. but i tend to get distracted doing one thing and wuold like to clean Bonnie's room all day.. 
Also, we had 4 or 5 empty boxes that have disappeared so i have no place to put our extra notebooks, my sewing stuff, mina's toys, our winter clothes.. basically anything, so that i can go through it all and get rid of most of it... unless i pace myself i become very overwhelmed and then nothing gets done..
my friends are getting married in the end of september so i REALLY want to fix up this dress that i have.. make it a sortof 1950s coctail dress, but also a nursing dress and semi punk to make me feel better about the way i've been slacking on my personality..

As most of you know the other day my little monkey mina fell and bumped her head... she's doing fine... and just yesterday she was all clingy and i've been trying to get everything above done (plus the dishes/sweeping/our regular laundry/dinner/etc.) So it seems like all she did was cry yesterday whenever i had somethign that needed to be done. Even when her daddy came home, i felt really tired, and we decided that he would start spaghetti for me and i would change and feed her... (more on dinner under "the boy") she ended up crying pretty much the whole time we were in the kitchen, even though she was right there with us.. and we talked/played with her when we could.. THEN for no real reason she decides that she doesnt want to go to sleep until 1AM..  es for NO reason that she's going to stay up till 1am..  (next you can jump to "me" if you're going time wise)... and she was up around 5 or so..  then asleep till about 9.. then she didnt nap until after 1 almost 130 (usually we're in bed between 1030 and 11, and awake around 6 or 7 and then we sleep till 10 or 1030.. then nap from around 1230 till 230 or 3.. then short like 10 min naps (1-3) till bed time.. usually a longish one around 8)
So my question is: Are there ways to help set up a sleep/awake schedule?? 
i thaught she had one.. but i guess not..

 So Mina finally in bed, i woke the hubby up and we had "maritals"... then aruond 3 or 4 AM i woke up and my stomach hurt SO badly i thaught i had broken something... or i was going to explode.. i went downstairs to the bathroom and practically had to crawl back to bed.. it hurt so bad..

(dinner) so when he came home last night the hubby was all "ooo we didnt have "maritals" yesterday... gimme gimme... trying to persuade a horny man to watch the baby/cook/wash dishes so that you can do all of the above and then some is a pain in the ass.. so he ended up cooking most of our spaghetti except he "didnt know how to cook the hamburge meat to put in the sauce"... so mommy to the rescue, and he finnished the dishes, so there was room to drain the noodles.. it took me getting frustrated w/ mina at bedtime and plopping myself into the chair at hte computer to get him to help last night.. and even then he didnt help much.. and i had to practically beg him to change her.. and then after all the molestering... he fell asleep and i had to wake him up AND get him interested again.. 
SO the question is: Is there a way i can show him that i'm not interrested w/out sounding like... well a bitch?

PS while i was typing my massive rant i found out that a good friend of mine from college has lost their baby.. it's a long story.. but it just adds to everything.. and makes mine all seem so small...